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  1. How can u have hi5 comments in a scrollbox? (2 Replies)
  2. how to get an IP address from a hi5 message? (2 Replies)
  3. Is there any way i can delete all my profile comments in hi5 without deleting them one by one? (2 Replies)
  4. how to put on my hi5 profile, at ''about me'' more than 1 color? i mean if i say i like apples, to write (3 Replies)
  5. how can i close my account from orkut,ibibo and hi5? (2 Replies)
  6. hello my brethren you can to tell me how many people have a hi5 in the world? (2 Replies)
  7. where can i buy facebook/my space/hi5 zynga poker chips? (3 Replies)
  8. why is that people sent me friend request on hi5 but i didn't recive them? (2 Replies)
  9. How do i set to get emails into a folder created by me? (2 Replies)
  10. How can I delete my Hi5 account? (4 Replies)
  11. how to increase my profile views on hi5? (2 Replies)
  12. im not getting my hi5 activation code i tried the resend code link a few times and that didnt work please help? (2 Replies)
  13. how can i load a video from youtube to my hi5 page? (3 Replies)
  14. what to write in the first msg when you send to someone in myspace & hi5 for the first time? (2 Replies)
  15. how do you change your password in a hi5 account? (2 Replies)
  16. how do u got about pasting urls for stuffs about bebo and hi5? (2 Replies)
  17. How do I put a picture on my frends hi5 profile? (2 Replies)
  18. how do i deactivate my hi5 account. there was a deactivate button but its not there anymore? (2 Replies)
  19. How can I make my hi5 music player start automatically? (2 Replies)
  20. How can i find friends from Dubai who will be intrested in travelling ? Is there any Forum or website ? (2 Replies)