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  1. i want a software to read powerpoint files in my nokia 5130 express music phone..? (3 Replies)
  2. Iv Just updated my Nokia N8 to Nokia Belle and i dont like it? (3 Replies)
  3. What's the best and the easiest English-English dictionary to download on my cell phone ? (2 Replies)
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  11. Does anyone know how i can get an ovi email account so that i send email's straight through my Nokia? (2 Replies)
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  16. whatsapp for nokia x2-00? (3 Replies)
  17. My Nokia E72 was stolen. I have its display only (because I changed it). Is it possible to find IMEI number? (4 Replies)
  18. Are Nokia's new phone Asha Series 305, 306, 3011 better than Nokia's 808 pureview or Lumina? If yes, why? (2 Replies)
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