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Full Version: share files user between users?
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ok. ill try to make this short.

i live wit my bf.not for long BUT we have been both using my laptop which only had the admin account setup and we both know the password. but he has been on myspace and tagged ALOT browsing and talking to other girls actin as if he's single.
SO i created another user account and set it so he cant get to tagged or myspace or blackplanet or hi5. and i changed the password to the admin he cant get to that account

only problem is we have alot of pics and music on the computer under the admin account that i would like to share with him/the new "standard" and parental controled account.

how to do this?

i dont want relationship advice just the techincal computer advice.
aka answer the question or dont post anything please.

thank you in advance
you can put the files you wish to share into the shared folder (XP and Vista) and they will be accessable by any accounts you create. you will have to log into the admin acct. to do this, of course.
if you log onto the admin account, you can directly place the stuff you want into his area, if you go into my computer and if your on windows XP then the two accounts should be there and you can go straight into his, if you are on vista, go into your root drive, the find the users folder, then find the non admin account, and open it, go into documents and place the files you want in there manually
oh and sorry to hear about ur bf