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Full Version: HELP HELP HELP! Google/Photobucket Picture As Myspace Background?
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I want a picture from google/photobucket as my background on myspace
I have a 2.0 profile
Any Help?
Big Grin
,if u have a photobucket account , u can go to any albun , provided they are not private …if u want to paste graphics , click on the image it will take u to another page , the graphic will enlarge and the codes are right there , look were it says ( more )at the botton of all the codes .. it will take u to another page , all u have to do is click were it says ur space , wether is bebo tagged or hi5 a box will appear , u write ur users name , the one u use for ur space , and ur email, they will send ur graphic to ur page , u dont have to do nothing else….
You can go to and create a custom layout.