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Full Version: Nokia Lumia 920 or Ipad mini !!?
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Ipad mini
get the lumia 920
it's way better than any other phone out there
the phone has an amazing 4.5" screen with very good and high resolution
the resolution is even higher than HD
which makes it enjoyable for you to watch videos on it because of the big size and because of the amazing resolution
web browsing is also enjoyable on it
the screen is also very responsive you can even use it while wearing cloves or through your car keys
the phones build quality really is amazing
and it feels high end and premium in your hand it really is enjoyable to hold
the phone has an 8.7 megapixle camera which takes amazing photos and videos
it has image stabilization which is a huge plus and its the first on any other phone
some of its other features are group shot,panorama shot,burst mode and cinemagraph
what group shot allows you to do is to capture the perfect moment so for example if you are taking a photo of 2 people and they blink you will be able to rewind the time till when they were still smiling
cinemagraph allows you to do is to play with the photos and make movement
you can also eliminate moving objects in your photos
and the camera takes better low light photos than any other phone even without flash
the phone has a large App Store which consists of mainly high quality apps
and it also has the amazing Nokia added free exclusive apps and features
like nokia drive,nokia maps,nokia city ,nokia beta,nokia music,nokia creative studio,espn,espn radio,CNN,words with friends,angry birds roost,viber HD and many more
battery life is very good
it also supports wireless charging
the web browser is extremely good and fast
the phone also has Microsoft office which is a huge plus
and it has deep social network integration(Facebook,LinkedIn,twitter,Skype)
you also have more than 150,000 high quality apps in the app store which is a very good number
overall the lumia 920 is an amazing device and you should get it
if you want a cheaper windows phone 8 phone thats also as good then you should go with the lumia 820
hope I helped Smile
tell me if you decided to
and if you got any question or need any help you can email me at
Comments on iPad Mini, should be helpful on this decision:

Well if your main theme/idea of getting a device is to calls, messages, listen to songs and other stuff like that then Lumia 920 would be a good option..

But if you want something for a complete entertainment like for Watching movies, playing HD games, read books/blogs, tv shows etc. Then I would recommend iPad Mini.

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