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Full Version: What is wrong with HI5 today?
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It keeps redirecting me to a page called ztomy or something. I'm slowly freaking out here. Help!
Seems fine from here - perhaps you need to get some anti-spyware and anti-virus software to give your computer a clean?
David D is wrong. This is happening to everybody, if you search online or even on yahoo answers everybodys having this problem! I'm even having this problem! Hi5 said they are working on fixing it.
It is happening everywhere in the world. Same crazy stuff here in Portugal.
It seems odd, but someone hacked Hi5...
I was stressed about it too and I just figured it out...Hi5 is not shutdown because some of my friends have access to it too. Some IPs have blocked the website or some blah blah computer stuff like that. Simply put, the only way out is to use a proxy server.

This way you use an anonymous proxy. I used http://www. I entered the hi5 website and voila! Good luck guys!!
what Samia O wrote really works, but they really are fixing so it will be back soon hopefully Smile