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Full Version: Myspace vs Facebook vs hi5?
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Wich one you think is better I personally choose myspace.
simple,easy,more fun.
I choose Myspace because it has many extra features like karaoke and videos, and a lot of people are on their that I know, unlike facebook and Hi5.
it depends on how many people you know have profiles on these websites cause it is really only fun when you are doing stuff like talking to friends and personalizing your profile
myspace for kids..

facebook for grown ups/college students.

the facebook website is more grown up and less cluttered and it is more focused on people with actual friends.

the myspace layout looks like its designed by a 4 year old. but its still fun for tween/teen kids to ''express'' themselves by creating their own page. sadly myspace is filled with a bunch of 14 year olds with a face full of eyeliner taking photos in the washroom.

Facebook is hands down my favorite. even with all its new and annoying applications its much faster and fits my lifestyle perfect. Its also growing very fast.. soon will beat out myspace.
MYSPACE for sure.
I had a facebook a while ago and deleted within a week.
I hate that everything you do is announced to the entire community.

"So and So Just Commented This Person's Picture. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR ENTIRE CONVERSATION."

Myspace gives you the option of many different ways to communicate:

Bulletins - which are good for letting all of your friends know something

Comments - which can/or can't be viewed by the public; its your choice really

picture comments- which are much more simple and well organized than facebook's.

messages- private. clear. easy.

Plus in myspace you can just be more creative and personal...who wants to go on facebook and see the same boring colors and same boring "apps" on every facebook page?


and whats with the "drinks" and "hugs"

Who the !@#!%# want a virtual hug or drink?

my point is...