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Full Version: Why do they call the pound sign a HashTag now?
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Hash tag is lingo for Twitter. Its still called the pound sign, but when you use it on twitter and use a pound sign plus some "tag" then it becomes a hashtag.
That symbol is also called a Hash, although not very common in the United States. Hashtag is just a new form of it where you use the Hash/Pound symbol and add a "tag" to it, usually a word or group of words. Website and apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook use this to link other posts using the same Hashtag.
The pound sign is also known as a "hashmark". Twitter started a way of tagging random words by adding the hashmark in front of it and joined the two words making it a "hashtag". Now it is used on instagram aswell. Just another way of connected random people.
It never was pound outside the US. It's a hash, hence when used as a tag it becomes a hash tag...