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Full Version: Apple , Blackberry or Nokia ? confused..?
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i want to be a BBm user but i like the looks and status of ipjone and i trust Nokia for durability as i'am using it from past 6 years. so thinking over BB Torch 9860 touchscreen. it has all the features of iphone 4 and almost matches Nokia Lumina 800 and priced 10,000 less than iphone 4..
should i go for it ? please help . thanx..
go for apple either eat it or enjoy it still confused what to do?
BB has very limited options and Nokia ....come on its running Windows, I think the times of Nokia are long gone.
Get iPhone. Even better wait for the new one - find out 12 june.
Get the iphone i have had all of them and they have all that you need
Stay the hell away from Nokia. I had the phone and it broke on me 7-8 times to the point where the phone company got tired of me sending it back.
"i want to be a BBm user"

Then get a blackberry. Problem solved.

" i like the looks and status of ipjone"

Why would you care about that? If the phone isn't reliable or doesn't do what you want, its looks and its status (whatever that is) won't matter that much, will it?
IPhone 4 is the best, it has better Apps than Blackberry and Windows Phone
blackberry has very limited app
iPhone has many app but you need to pay....
Android has many free app but poor battery life and phone heat up easilly
windows phone is good.... Even steve wozniak(co-founder of apple) says so....