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Download Internet Explorer 7? - Your Friend - 09-10-2014

Alright I downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7 and i don't like it is there a way to switch back to Internet Explorer 6???
Also If I Do Uninstall it i'm afraid that i'm not going to be able to use internet any more because i deleted Internet Explorer 7

- Sultan-Emerr - 09-10-2014

How do I Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 7? =

- SicHead - 09-10-2014

I just finished uninstalling explorer 7 five minutes ago cuz it sucked bad. go to add/remove programs and look for it on the list. once you uninstall explorer 7 it will go back to explorer 6 on it's own, just restart you computer when it tells you too.

- freeliberation - 09-10-2014

Im sure if you just uninstall it it should go back to the previous internet explorer 6, your probally better off downloading explorer 6 then uninstall 7!
hope this helps some....

- juan_acuna24 - 09-10-2014

maybe you can do to and search for internet explorer 6.