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I changed from Yahoo photos to Flickr? - Mellee - 09-10-2014

I recently changed from yahoo photos to flickr but now I want them to be veiwable on yahoo 360. Okay here is the problem Is there a way to make them viewable without setting my photos to public viewing on Flickr?

Right now I have flickr friends that can see it through Flickr but the same friends can't see them through yahoo 360 through Flickr.

Does that make since?
This was not by chioce yahoo photos is closing.

- ♣Ethereal♣ - 09-10-2014

The photos have to be public on Flickr for them to be available for the Y! 360 photostream.

But there still seems to be a glitch between Flickr and Y! 360 because I set my photos to public on Flickr, yet they still haven't shown up on 360.