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Believe it or not, this apparently is a LEGITIMATE error
message from none other than YouTube itself and their
terrible attempt at humor. This has actually been going
on for years, so please don't worry about that "monkey"
reference. Your computer hasn't been hacked into. But
it is a bonafide "500 Error".

I did some big-time Googling, searching, reading about
about this issue a while ago. This is what I was able to
find out:

That 500 Internal Server Error is a general HTTP status
code -- "general" meaning that it can't be more specific
about what the exact problem is. It's however a definite
server-side error, so the problem isn't your computer or
your internet connection, but rather YouTube itself and
its "host servers".

Here is my slimmed-down re-written adaptation of what
one advice column says: "Even though the issue is not
yours to troubleshoot or resolve, there are some things
you can do: Retry the web page by clicking the refresh
button or try using the URL from the address bar again.
Though the "500 internal server error" is a general error
from the website's servers instead of on your computer,
the server error may only be temporary. Trying the web
page again will often be successful."

This is the complete URL of my web reference -- which
I've written-out in full for you -- followed by its direct link:

pc support . about . com / od / find by error message / a / 500 server error . htm

I don't know if this trick will work for you, but you might
want to consider doing the following, just to make your
computer "fresh" in YouTube's eyes. This Best Answer
of mine has gotten 5 stars from maybe 200 YouTubers
suffering from "Error 400" messages:

Internet Explorer 6:
→ Tools → Internet Options
→ Delete Cookies → OK
→ Delete Files → OK
→ Clear History → Yes
→ OK

Internet Explorer 7:
→ Tools → Internet Options → Delete...
→ Delete files → Yes
→ Delete cookies → OK
→ Delete history → OK
→ Close (browsing history window)
→ OK

Mozilla Firefox
→ Tools → Clear Private Data
[x] Browsing History
[x] Download History
[x] Saved Form and Search History
[x] Cache
[x] Cookies
→ Clear Private Data Now

Apple Safari 3:
→ Edit → Preferences
→ Security (tab) → Show Cookies
→ Remove All → Done
after that:
→ Safari → Empty Cache → Empty
after that:
→ History → Clear History

I hope that my answer proves somewhat helpful to you.



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