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I am having a problem with over bearing e-mails for job oppertunities... is this a scam?
I don't know that specific company but be VERY careful as Cyprus is the new hotbed for work from home money laundering scams. They hire people for work from home jobs, pay them with fake checks, then want them to buy "supplies" through Western Union"
Click on the Employment Scams section of this bank in Cyprus https://cypruscu.com/fraud-alerts/

NO consultancy would ever hire a random person over the internet to handle any sort of business. If they really had 12 agents, one of them would interview you in person

And they are breaking the law by asking for your age and sex - this is illegal. NO legitimate company would ever ask for this

NEVER accept a job or provide personal information to anyone you have not met in person

EDIT - ask them for their US tax ID number. if they do not have a US Tax ID number they cannot offer you any sort of work
Just googled the website followed by the word scam found this on the FraudWatch site
Here it was reported back in 2009 http://www.baiting.net16.net/scambait14.html -- it's a nice long scambait with this scammers



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