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Need help on answers--computers?
1. ASP, JSP, and PHP are examples of programming languages that are used to develop number crunching. applications.

2. Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a model used to help designers quickly adapt to changes in program specifications.

3. The ________ is the value that the database uses for the field unless the user enters another value.
foreign key
default value
test value
standard value

4. In a database, a field is a ________.
table of information
group of related records
category of information


Sorry - I stopped taking multiple guess tests years ago.


Nobody in their right mind uses ASP etc for number crunching. They either use something like FORTRAN (yes, still) or C, or GPU languages like CUDA. Or they let the users computer do the job in JavaScript or Java which are equally inefficient but at least they are running on someone else's computer.

ASP, JSP, and PHP are server-side scripting languages used for dynamic web pages.

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