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What does it mean when you dream about white wolf?
Couple weeks ago I have a dream of a white wolf, it has been bothering me since. I was walking in a forest or trees an this white wolf walked slowly to me an jumped at me, I threw my arm up an he/she bit my arm. I woke up like it felt real. Can you please help me with this! Any rude comments will be spammed. Thanks!!
Yes when it bit me I woke up!


White wolf wake you up. More like making you to be alert in life.


Wiles hunt down their prey until they get what they want. ( satisfy their needs and eat the human flesh) this analogy goes to you, it might denote the hunger for love sex. In other words, the question is are you dating or talking to someone who has ominous intentions towards you ?
It's sounds to me like someone is planning to hunt you. The white wolve denotes a peaceful nature, but since he attacked you some aspect of this animal nature is conflict with yourself .
Good luck
When you dream of animal there a many different meaning to them. You had a vivid dream of a white wolf well the dream is telling you that you are going to come in a situation that you will not be able to escape from. You will need to head it straight on. When you dream of animals they usually take the place of a person. So just watch out and what ever is going to come face it don't run.


Since when do dreams have to have meaning? All a dream is is your mind's way of entertaining itself while your body sleeps. Nothing more. Nothing less. Not a premonition, nothing paranormal.
The wolf in your dream symbolizes one of your personal strengths… the wolf being white symbolizes the “innocence” that strength bares. It a good “strength” to have. However, your “good” strength or your “good intentions”, has turn against you. It has attacked (or has “bitten”) a limb,…your “arm” (your symbol of your “helping”) to be exact.

Attacking a “limb” (your “arm” in this case), which is your symbolic tool used for “helping” could symbolize a current situation that is going on in your real life. It symbolizes your desire to “help” someone, which is one of your strong points or “strengths”, may now be doing more harm than good, in someone’s situation. Despite it being you “white” strength (your “innocent” good intentions).

That is to say,…perhaps…(and as an example here)…you are trying to help a girlfriend or male friend out in a relationship YOU see as being a problem in the future. Perhaps you are driven to constantly try and intervene or talk to this person…(your friend or family member). But despite your efforts to try and help, you sense the other person acting as if they are trying to “avoid” you now. Perhaps not returning you texts and phone messages. In other words they are avoiding “your help”. This perhaps is frustrating you somewhat.

Such may be the case,…as symbolized in your dream of having a white wolf ,…(your innocent well meaning “strength”)…biting your arm ..(Your “manner” or “way” of helping someone, but with good intentions). This could be your brain in its wonderfully insightful dreamstate telling you, you need to back off of this one and need to accept (an unfortunate fact) that this may the one time you’re “helping” is doing more “harm” then good.

This is not to say you are a bad person,…on the contrary, I sense the opposite. I sense you are a person that is always willing and trying to help others. Perhaps,…in this case…(whatever it is)…you need to help in a “new” way by just “backing off” and sitting this one out…

I hope I have been of some help to you, sweety,…be well…

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