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What does it mean when a guy touches your face?
And does each place have a different meaning like touching your nose, cheek or chin?


It means he's interested in you and likes you, and probably wants to kiss you. Guys are very much a tactile bunch. We don't openly admit it, but we like the soft touch of a woman's skin, and that is why you girls go through all that shaving and plucking. Girls are the weaker sex? Yeah, right.

Touching a girl's cheeks, like brushing her hair away from her ears, is a sensitive and romantic gesture. Touching your nose or chin is more of a playful act, to see how you'll respond. If you lean in, it's an invitation to touch you more. If you back away, then he'll cool it for a bit and read the rest of your body language.

So, if your Aunt Gertrude used to pinch your ears and play the "Got your nose" game as a child and it really annoyed you, then keep in mind - a guy might think your nose is the cutest thing ever, too.



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