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What does it mean when women have one nail painted a different color from all the rest?
I see a lot of women doing this. Does it mean anything?


It's a satanist cult thing...

Or they just think it looks nice.

I'm not sure which.


Well I have no idea why but I thought maybe they'd do it on their middle finger for it to stand out but for me at the moment I have my pinkie a different color because I got bored and didn't want to spend more time doing my nails
Noo. It's just a fashion statement.


It's just a way to play up with your nails . It doesn't have a meaning really . It becomes more and more trendy these days
I dont think it means anything. Its just a new trend that girls like to do
For most women, it is just a fashion statement. Painting one nail a different color, perhaps a lighter shade of the same color, is known as the accent nail, which just gives an updated look to a normal manicure. Hope I helpedSmile
It's just a silly fashion statement. I'm not a fan, but it'll go away soon enough.

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