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Is it safe to leave a gas fireplace burning all night?
It's raised and completely surrounded with bricks. This is my first winter in my new house and I never actually used one before. It is working properly, has a fireplace grate in front of it, and nothing flammable is nearby that can accidentally fall into it. I have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide protectors. Am I safe to leave it on?
I'm using it for heat. I only wanted to heat the rooms where I am and not the entire house.


If you don't have to leave it on I wouldn't. Are you actually using it for heat or just for looks? It sounds like a pretty safe setup but obviously it's still a small hazard and why take risks unless you have to. Good Luck!


no not really no...
It is safe as long as the fire does not go out.


If it is in proper working order, there's no reason it should not be safe. You've taken the proper precautions.
Do you have another way to heat your rooms? A fireplace is not a very efficient way to heat. So much of the heat goes up the chimney along with a lot of the warm air from the rooms you are trying to heat.

Unless you have a set up with outside combustion air, a glass front cover and a heat exchanger system, you should not use the fireplace for heating but only decoration.
if you are not in the room, NO!!.... not so much as a fire hazard, but for the cost of the GAS.... your bill would be a whopper!!.... and if you're not using the room, the room shouldn't need the heat!.... these fireplaces are not set up to heat a house, they're very wasteful of the gas used......
it is no different than being in the other room when it is on...you are awake for a longer period than you are asleep...if it burns ok when you are awake , it should burn ok when you are asleep...

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