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Dell Inspiron n5010 down after bios update?

I have just updated my Dell Inspiron n5010 bios from A7 to A15. The computer didn't shut down during the update process, everything worked just fine. After the update, laptop restarted and as soon as it got loaded Windows 7, it have shut down. It keeps on shutting down every time I turn it on, for example when I'm launching a start up repair, when I'm opening CD-ROM and even when I wait for Windows 7 to load. It loads just fine but shuts down in less than one minute.

I am thinking about updating my bios back to A7, but I'm not sure that the laptop will not shut down during the update process, which could damage my computer. I can't insert and boot a recovery or any other CD.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
More than a hour passed after the bios update. I just turned the computer on and five minutes passed after the successful load of Windows 7. The computer still didn't shut down. So can the temperature be involved here?
It worked fine for about 10-15 minutes and suddenly shut down.
Howard, it didn't worked. The laptop still shut down.


try f8 at star-up safe mode few option repair last known, f10 f12 for resetSmile



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