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I can't register my Bluebird card?
I've been trying to register my starter card with Bluebird, it I keep getting this error: "
Thank you for
choosing Bluebird.
Sorry, but we are unable to verify your information and cannot approve you for an Account at this time. If you feel that this was caused in error, please contact us by calling Customer Service at 1-877-486-5990."

I tried calling the service number, but I got this automated message "Because Bluebird is new, there is a high demand for service. We cannot help you at this time, please visit us at bluebird.com for help." (something along those lines. I can't remember word for word)

I visited the website's FAQ, but there is NOTHING there to help me.
I feel like I'm getting ripped off because I loaded money on the card when I purchased it at Wal-Mart.

Has anyone gone through this, or can anybody help me out? I really don't want to lose my money...


Going through this now, BUT we got through to customer service. Even if you can't register (and frankly, customer service is not that helpful), you should be able to use the temporary card at stores that accept American Express.



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