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Your account has been locked. (81003003)?
For some reason, my yahoo messenger account has been locked. It tells me to click on "Forgot Password" to begin the unlocking process (81003003) but that just takes me to Yahoo Mail where I can log in just fine. How exactly do I start this eluding process of unlocking my account? The password is fine, not sure why it is giving me this error.

Any ideas?


You have typed the wrong password. or You have typed it using the "all caps" key on your keyboard. If you make attempts to enter your password and exceed your allowable number of tries, you will get locked out for 24 hours. When signing back in again, allow more than 24 hours if you don't live in Yahoo's Corporate Office time zone.


Try this link
Click on these answers in the drop downs
1. Yahoo Account
2. Password and Sign in.
3. Forgot log in/password/
4. give a brief explanation

If that's not working for you then try this number for
............Yahoo! Accounts Team at ...........
good luck.

Yahoo messenger shows this when you enter wrong password more than 3 times.
To unlock the account, read: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=en_US&page=content&y=PROD_MSNG&id=SLN1362&impressions=false



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