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Is Vodka the Worst Alcohol for the Liver?
Okay, I'm 33-years-old. Went for my yearly physical for my job last Tuesday. Had it ALL done...blood tests, X-Rays, ect. Saw my Dr. this morning & he tells me that my Liver is the size of a football, liver enzyme count is very high & that my kidney function isn't looking good! Oh well, I really don't care to be honest. He then asked me how much and what I drink and I told him mainly Vodka and I go through at least four fifths a week plus maybe a 12 pack of beer, He then told me that ANY Clear Alcohol Spirit is extremely toxic to the Liver, especially Vodka because it's distilled much differently than darker alcohols. Has anyone else heard of this? I tried looking it up on Google and cant find anything on Vodka being extemely bad for your liver? Oh yeah, he did say Vodka, made in this country is Ethanol based and that's like injecting a syringe of pure alcohol into the Liver after a while of drinking Vodka.


vodka isnt pure ethanol, if it was, you would get like alcohol poisening really quick, vodka does have a high % of alcohol and it is worse for you than beer. It cant be as bad as your Dr. says because then they wouldnt sell it


All alcohol products are ethanol based.

I do not think Vodka is worse than Gin/Rhum or any other 40% alcohol.

However, be concerned with the possible outcomes of chronic alcohol intake.


I don't want to scare you, but cirrhosis and kidney failures are not a good thing to have.
Vodka is no worse or no better than any other alcohol when it comes to damaging the liver with alcohol abuse. It depends on the amount of alcohol in each drink. Some people like beer while others like the hard stuff. If you drink a lot of either one long term, it can cause liver failure over time. Strange that you are curious about this rather than saving your life. I have 2 cousins that died before they were 40 from cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse. Your liver is showing sure signs that your liver is being damaged and headed that way big time. The thing about liver failure is the the disease is usually silent until the liver damage is far advanced and too late to save the liver. The only early sign that something is wrong will be the blood work in which your doctor has told you is abnormal. I think a lot of times the alcoholic does not care because they are rarely ever sober long enough to have a clear head to think about their impending death. They don't like to face their real world sober. I hope you don't have a family that will hurt the most from your not caring. Hopefully you are single and have no one around that really gives a crap what happens to you. The people that care are the ones that suffer and have to pick up the pieces after you die. Of course, having a drunk around all the time is not good either so maybe things will work out for the best after all. I might add that once the liver starts to fail, then it's common for the kidneys to soon follow. You could already have permanent damage done now and be in the more advanced stage. Maybe you should google cirrhosis to see how it will all end for you. Aren't you even a bit curious about that? It could happen before you reach 40 and its not an easy way to go.



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