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How do I uninstall my Clean PC PC Optimizer?
I just noticed after going to uninstall some programs I still had "My Clean PC PC optimizer"
I know is a virus,,,well I think.I have tried unistalling it but it says that it didn't find the uninstalling tool So I went to the file location and tried deleting the file but it said that the program was running so I went to the processes to stop it but no succes I went to Task manager,to Services but I couldn't find it

Is there any tool that could help me my computer had 2 unexpected shutdowns and I'm guessing is for that because Me pc only has a couple a pictures and the antivirus that came with it which is norton I also made a scan with norton but it didn't find anything

AOne more question My Clean PC is on a TV commercial shouldn't they get sued for scam


easeus uninstaller. wipes out everything.


Try this:

Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You do this by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as you boot up. Once there, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking. Continue to boot from there, by pressing Enter. You will now see some drivers being loaded. There will be a pause at some point. This usually lasts for no more than 30 seconds.

If that’s successful, open your browser, copy and paste this link into the address bar and press Enter. It's a direct download for RKill. Save it to your desktop, then run it. It takes just a minute to run. As it's running, any remaining desktop icons will vanish for a few seconds. When the notepad report is displayed, just close it.



Now open your browser and copy and paste this link into the address bar, and press Enter. It's a direct download for the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM). Install it, get updates and run a full scan (still in Safe Mode):


You should now delete RKill, as updated versions are often made available. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is easy to uninstall, but it may prove to be beneficial in the future.

After this, try rebooting normally. If that's successful, I recommend you run another full scan with MBAM. It will detect malware that wasn't running in Safe Mode.

Hope this helps.

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