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How do I get rid of the Suddenlink Internet Landing Page?
I have suddenlink internet and wasn't able to pay the bill on time. My internet got cut off for a few hours until I got to the office to pay. Now, everytime I try to go to internet explorer it takes me to the suddenlink landing page that says "Welcome to Suddenlink... to setup or restore internet, click here". I've been through all the steps and my internet is working (I can go to facebook, yahoomail, ebay, ect.) but because it's forcing me to use suddenlink's landing page (the same one telling me to restore internet), it WILL NOT let me use google, which is what I prefer using. It's driving me nuts. I've tried setting google as my homepage, but it still won't let me use anything other than suddenlink. Does anyone know how to get this suddenlink homepage crap off my computer and restore google? Thanks!


Hi Jess- If you bypass the router and connect directly to your modem you should be able to enter all of the requested information and clear the landing page. Thanks!



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