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Forgotten email for Tumblr! Help please?
Normally, I'm automatically logged into Tumblr and this has been the situation for a while although all of a sudden, it logged me out. I've forgotten my email that I used for my Tumblr account and my user name and password (I'm so forgetful), is there any way else I can find out either my email or user name to log in? Probably not but just asking just in case so no stupid questions, if you don't know then don't say.


On the tumblr login screen, click in the box to enter your email address.

Often your browser will remember what you last entered into the box, so if you start typing, you might get a pop up box offering to autocomplete with the email address you used.

I checked my tumblr account and it worked when I just typed the first letter of my email address. Can you remember the first letter of yours?

Otherwise, you'll have to write to tumblr support who will tell you what your email address (but not password) is if you write to them and confirm your identity, as this guy did:



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