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XHTML or HTML? Which one to choose?
I am a newbie in the web development field. Back them I learned HTML like a decade ago..so I still remember most of the HTML. Now I want to upgrade my skills, and my friend google told me the differences in XHTML/HTML5... and I really don't know what language to study ? Should I study HTML5 as this is where the future is headed or XHTML because its faster to learn, and I can quickly develop websites? A little help here please..


XHTML(5) is a stricter standard, that's all. They aren't two separate things.
HTML5 added lots of new tags like <video> or <canvas>, and pretty much all browsers support all the additions.

To quote wikipedia:
XHTML5 is the XML serialization of HTML5. XML documents must be served with an XML Internet media type (often confused with MIME type) such as application/xhtml+xml or application/xml.[51] XHTML5 requires XML's strict, well-formed syntax.

Just learn HTML(5), browsers are very lenient. You can always put your page through w3.org's validator later and correct any errors.

Also note that even Google or Facebook use stuff that's supported by the browser but not part of the strict XHTML(5) standard.


HTML 5 is being developed as a standard to embrace all the elements used for web site design - HTML/XHTML, Javascript and CSS. XHTML will be part of the HTML 5 standard eventually.

HTML5 is the way to go.




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