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What is difference between css and css3?



CSS Level 3 is just a set of specifications for parts of CSS.

Some bits of CSS 3 add new features. Some clarify or correct features described in CSS Level 2 or CSS Level 1.


CSS 2 and CSS3 are upgrade version of CSS, and there are minor changes versions wise they made like, CSS2 has includes capabilities like relative and fixed positioning of elements that CSS has not and CSS 3 has new elements such as border-radius, box shadows, border images that was not available in CSS2.
This is the latest version with many features compares with css and css2.

New Features
Box Model
Backgrounds and Borders
Image Values and Replaced Content
Text Effects
2D/3D Transformations
Multiple Column Layout
User Interface

HTML5 is the alternate solution for Flash Banner Animation and JQuery, Javascript animation and effects. For HTML5, we can use CSS3.



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