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What are the differences between HTML and HTML5?
I am considering starting web design but I do not know the difference between these two. Could you please tell me the pros and cons of both?


HTML 5 is an updated version of HTML. It’s much similar to HTML. But difference is HTML 5 contains much better support for media such as, an audio and video tag.


HTML5 has all the features of HTML4 plus some newly added elements like


but it's still a work-in-progress and not all browsers support all new elements of HTML5 but they're getting there
The major difference is the <canvas> element. In conjunction with javascript and .CSS the canvas element offers free-form web pages. Some say the end of the flash plug-in is in sight.


HTML5 has introduced a lot of new tags, most of them are for semantic purposes but some like <video> offer the ability to insert such media easily into a webpage without the need for flash. With things like <canvas> and a great API it's good for creating apps and games as well.

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