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Is there a way around this problem with Microsoft Publisher?
My school system lets students access their saved files (from school) at their home computer, and right now I'm trying to do that. I found the project I'm working on for school (a brochure) and am trying to open it with Microsoft Publisher, but it says "Publisher cannot open files from a different version."

Is there any way around this?

I have the older version on my PC, and I think my school's version is from 2007. Like you said, if I save it as the older version at school, I might lose some information.

I think I'll just spare myself the trouble and finish the project at school, as I really don't want to lose any of the work I've done so far.

Thanks anyway!


I'm not really the person to ask about computer-related issues, but I think this page from the Microsoft website on using different versions of Publisher might help. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/publisher/HP100999951033.aspx?pid=CH100793231033

Is your school version newer than the one you have at home? That could be causing the trouble. I had a problem last year with Word; we had the Office 2007 at home which the school computers didn't support, so my stuff wouldn't open at school. One way to get around that would be to choose "Save As" and select the older file-type, such as 2003. If the school's version is newer than your home version, you'd have to save the one from school as the type your home computer has. That would mean you'd lose some of your formatting from the new version.

If this isn't the problem you're having, completely disregard what I said. But I'd check the website for help.

Edit: Really sorry about that Sad But as long as it's not due tomorrow and you have time to finish it at school, that's all that matters. I still have the older versions on my laptop so I can't do all that fun new formatting. Luckily, the campus computers use the same one I do.

Best wishes on your project.


an older version of program does not know format of any newer version that was not made

the newer version does have ability to open older version being older in similar format without updated features,

you could check at school to save copy as older version to match yours, and when complete update at school later with new version,

Microsoft Publisher

theres trial version,
and online "test drive" requires install for viewer, and win iexplorer to use,

there may be other options for eps or pdf files, but not to edit,

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