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What Microsoft Office Applications can a Mac use?
I have a mac, and I have Microsoft Office which came with it. Currently, I only have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage (which I think is a bit like Outlook on Windows). I would like to get Publisher and Frontpage at the very least - And it would be fine if it was from iWork, or something not made by the Microsoft company. Anything that does what Publisher and Frontpage does is fine. If I CAN get it, could you please tell me how? I tried looking it up on apple.com, but nothing really came up.


All of them I think, but, why would you want to?


You cannot get either Publisher or Frontpage for the Mac, and why would you want to? Nobody who really wants to do page layout/document design uses Publisher and most print shops hate it because it violates a lot of design and layout documentation conventions. You want Pages (part of iWork for the Mac) or the more expensive, but extremely rich document design and page layout program InDesign from Adobe.com. And Frontpage is pretty much dead. Even Microsoft has replaced it with Expression, I believe it's called. Or get Adobe Dreamweaver, which is also available for the Mac.

Sounds like you might want to investigate getting the Adobe CS4 Design Suite, although it is far from cheap.

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