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Help with Microsoft Publisher!!?
Ok so I just made a catalogue on Microsoft Publisher and printed it. When it printed the pages came out like this " on one page there was the cover and the back page, on another there was pages 2 and 7, on another there was pages 6 and 3, and on another there was pages 4 and 5. My question now is how do I stack these papers so I can fold them in half and they will be in order.
If you are good at publisher and actually know what you are talking about please please help me.
I will give 10 points to whoever can tell me how to stack the papers so they are in order when I fold them in half and it actually works.
Thank you

(on my last question I put two page 7s by accident but I meant for it to be a page 5!)


u print teh rong way


Stack like this, then fold (starting with the bottom - on your desk / table or cupboard / floor / whatever...lol):

front / back cover
2 / 7
3 / 6
4 / 5

When you have them like this, stand up the sheets of paper, and fold in half. Now you have a booklet and in the correct order. I do this booklet myself all the time. It's easy once you do it one time.

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