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Does anyone know whether microsoft publisher is convertable to microsoft word?
When I type my course module guides up. I really like the microsoft publisher package simply because the end result looks like it has come from a professional printer.

However of late I have presented other peoples courses to trainees and they have been typed using microsoft word. When using the ohp it is very clear that its the same package that exists on most computers, but I am curious whether it has a conversion facility for microsoft publisher.

I am also curious if I tried to convert it whether anyone knows whether my, uniformity of colour scheme, inserts and art work will remain the same.


ms publishe: export or save as ms word


Convert it using this


select the .pub file then convert to Word, my mom made a .pub doc but im not so flash so i dont have publisher, fortunately i was able to convert it to word to read it.

as for whether things change, i dont recall it changing but the best way to know is to try it yourself

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