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a question for all Computer/internet/facebook smart ppl please help?
okay so i dont know what happened but everytime i go on facebook it wont lettme do anything.
other sites load
but when i try to ignore things,write on walls, etc. it wont work if it has a button


the ones circled is an example of a linkk that wont load.
when i try to click ignore, it doesnt load or anything

i look at the bottom and i see error where it should be loaded
like this...


what do i do??? PLEASe HELP!!
everyone else can work their facebook perfectly fine but me =[


This is not something you caused, its most likely something the developers at Facebook caused or perhaps the developers of the Facebook plugin/app you are using caused... basically bad code somewhere.

The errors you are getting is related to Javascript most likely. Try clearing your browser cache under your browser preferences to see if that remedies the problem. If not, try contacting Facebook technical support to alert them to the problem.



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