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how do you post a website on the world wide web using microsoft office publisher 2003?
i have a webspace name. i have a service (its SHAW) and i have an FTP "name" now i have made a site on microsoft office publisher 2003 and now how in the world do i make it go on the internet for anyone to view????? please help... if you need any more info please email me at "sinitor127@hotmail.com" thanks.
o and i am using a PC ((microsoft windows XP)) and also Internet Explorer


you can use ftp to copy your files over.
Microsoft has this to say about publishing: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/publisher/HA100947601033.aspx#2

You can use Internet Explorer to browse to the FTP site itself.
(use ftp:// instead of http://)
once you browse to the FTP site you can drag and drop your local files to the browser window to publish them.



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