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Employers have codes to override your privacy settings on Facebook?!?!?
I just read this online:

"Some people keep their profiles set to "private" to keep others from seeing their dirty secrets. The varying levels of privacy settings that most users know they can set are not as foolproof as they seem. Many companies have codes that can override these settings, letting them see everything on your Facebook page. Even if you delete old pictures, videos or postings, they are always somewhere in cyberspace, and your future employers can find them."

Very scary!!

Does anybody know how often or how many companies use these codes?? Or what specific companies? Or just any additional information about this? Thanks Smile


Don't know and anyone that does for sure will not post it here.

If you do not want it known or seen do not post it on the internet any where.

As has been shown many times with many different people anything on the web can be found, leaked or stolen.


There is a simple rule to follow.

Never put anything on the Internet that you don't want people to see.

One other point, anything you do at work with a work computer belongs to your company, not to you. That's not a theory, it's a fact.
It is against the law for anyone to "override" your privacy settings.


Highly unlikely that there is a special "code" to unlock private accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government has ways around it though. Few employers would bother looking on facebook anyway as there are better methods out there to find relevant information.

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