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Why is Facebook is sluggish and rife with technical errors?
And I'll tell you another thing, you piece of shit. If I want to surf the internet I use google...I don't need to be asked to join corporate newsfeeds or television shows...I don't want to take polls...in fact the only thing I really w...ant to see on Facebook are my own pictures and posts and those from people I actually know...a duhh...

Hey FB...here's a suggestion...get rid of all these idiotic quizzes and games...and stop letting any amateur, reality star, municipality, food, bodily function, etc. create a fan page...then maybe your site won't crash on me when I try to upload a few pictures...

with all these dumb quizzes and games I was worried that Facebook is
becoming too much like Myspace...even worse though, I've noticed it's
becoming sluggish with technical issues...remember Friendster.com?


too late facebook ,myspace are already to trashy



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