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Need help with Privacy settings on the new Facebook? :\?
Hi I wanted to know how to hide my "wall" from the public view on your facebook profile. So that when people view my public profile on facebook in the search, they dont see the wall green tab thing as an option. Basically wanted to remove the green wall tab thingy which is shown under your profile picture in public view!
However, My facebook has changed alot.. the privacy settings arent the same anymore.. There no option of Preview My Profile.. Insteads its changed to View As..


First go to your Privacy Settings: http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy

Towards the bottom in the middle-ish of the screen is a small, blue "Customize settings" link. Click it.

It will take you to a screen where you can customize all of your settings. To hide your Wall from public view ("Everyone"), go to that first option "Posts by Me." To the right of it is a drop-down menu. Yours might say "Everyone" right now -- click it, then choose the option "Friends."

Now only your Friends will be able to see your Wall. To see how the public sees your profile, just click the "Preview My Profile" button in the upper right hand corner above all those options. Hope this helps!


I've the same problem! Can't find a solution.

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