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Make more privacy on my Facebook account?


hi you can just
1.Click in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page
2.Select Settings from the dropdown menu
3.Select Privacy on the left

then you can fix the privacy according to your need ..........


Once you log in, you can find an option called 'privacy settings'.
first yo log in your facebook account
then go to the 'privacy settings'.
and change the setting according to your need


For Some Settings Like Messages Friend Requests And Who Can See my Stuff Are Under the Lock Button on the Upper Right Side of the Screen

For the Rest of the Privacy Settings

Go to Settings

Then Privacy

For Timeline And Tagging Stuff

Click on Timeline and Tagging

Adjust your Settings to What you Want it to Be
Don't worry dear,
May be he doing this so what.
If you have problem in this then easily change your privacy setting.
So that if he wants to look your profile then nothing will display for him.
Hope you will understand.

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