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Privacy settings on Facebook?
Facebook changes the settings all the time so how do I make my account hidden from somebody searching for me? I have an older account where there was an option that I clicked and nobody can search me, now I don't see any even similar option.
Thanks for your help!!!


On the far top right of the screen, click the little down arrow.
click "privacy settings".
Across from "How you Connect", click "Edit Settings".
You will see these questions:

Who can look up your profile by name or contact info?

Who can send you friend requests?

Who can send you Facebook messages?

Who can post on your Wall?

They will each have the little widget beside them where you can select "Everyone", "Friends", or "Friends of Friends".

Hope I helped!


go to privacy.. there should be something that says "how you connect" then to right of it, it says "edit setting" click on it. then at the top of the list it says "Who can look up your profile by name or contact info?" to the right of that gives you your options.

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