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HACKERS ... how to keep ourselves safe????
Can some one please tell us HOW to keep these bastard hackers out of out account?

I don't mean while we are chatting I mean just having an email account we are open to hacker attack always.

I am also not sure what Phishing is, can some one also explain? It' a fake site or something, right? How can we et Phished?

So far all I know it to keep using confusing passwords, but when pro hackers go for broke don;t they use password craking devices that run thousands of words until they get in eventually? How can YAHOO protect us better because I understand it's pretty easy to get into most comaonies like YAHOO, HOTMAIL, ETC.

OH yeah this is th first time I've posted here so how do i get back to this site to see they replies to this question?

ARE There any pro-hackers out there that can answer this?
Added details:
I mean if you have a home computer PC. I have heard it rather easy for a great hacker to bust into anyones e-mail, though I am not sure how they actually do it when they only have your e-mail address.
Can they get account info/password from some one I send an e-mail too?


The best way to keep hackers away is to simply get rid of your computer.

Trust me, I think you should just throw your computer into a fire and let it burn


use strong passwords. Phishing is when someone uses a fake login to get your info and then logs on your account and wreaks hell. It happened to me on Myspace. Luckily, Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla comes with a phishing filter.
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Seems you are too enthu to a lot of things in single questions.

Fine! I am gonna answer one by one

1. If you are sure your acctount is hacker (Which one are your refering to?) Web based or PC Based (outlook express, MS Outlook)

2. If you give your e-add to external worls like for newsletters or subscription all these people do is seel the e database to all the people so that they can use it for advertiseing and so they get the e address in their finger tips.

3.Phising is to check the authenticity of the wesite we are viewing. May or may not carry trojen or malwares or spywares or even virus while clicking for submitting aor any activity o the website. Thatz what phising does.

4. They is no full proof. the the tough one is to kepp changing the pass and use alpha numeric pass like A$$4$aLe@007$. Liked it!! LOL

5. I am not sure nor anyone who can claim YAHOO or HATMAIL is full proof as i said before nor they claim either.

6. you gotta look for the question you have posted in answers.yahoo.com by logging in to your account.

7. So the conclusion is any thing can be hacked but not all are full proof.

Any holidays

I can tell you a little about phishing. Let's say I send you an email and tell you that I'm from CitiBank (or whichever institute you bank with). I tell you that your account has been locked due to security reasons and I ask you to click on a link which will take you to the bank's website and ask you to enter your username and password to confirm who you are.

When you click on that link, it takes you to a fake website. For example, instead of taking you to http://www.citibank2.com. Obviously, citibank2.com is not the same address as citibank.com and therefore, when you go to citibank2.com and enter your username and password, thinking you are logging on to the CitiBank's website, in fact you are logging into a fake website and giving your username and password to someone who is not CitiBank.

This is a very typical phishing strategy. There are many ways which phishing can be done, through telephone as well. I get calls from banks and other companies asking me for personal information and I simply tell them that I refuse to provide any details over the phone, especially if they called me.
Most of these email clients have stepped up their security, and are actually safer than you think.
It is true that programs exist that try to hack into your account, and this is why you need to create a long complex password. A long complex password will take days, weeks, or even years to crack.
Phishing sites are FAKE sites that look VERY similar to the real sites. If you go into website, and notice it looks kinda... choppy or not "right", then it's probably fake.

To get the best security, make sure you use an email client that requires the user to manually insert letters or words after incorrect login attempts, create long complex passwords, and use Firefox 2 as your browser.

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