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Facebook comment moderation WON'T WORK?
It doesn't matter how many times and places I add the fb:admin meta tag to my page, I CANNOT MODERATE MY FACEBOOK COMMENTS ON MY PAGE!!! It just fills up with more and more spam and garbage comments! I've done everything. I've tried variations of the tage, placed it all over the page (I'm using Godaddy website builder, so it's just awful to begin with), placed it in the Page Properties meta tags section, found my user id #, etc, etc, etc

The damn comments section remains totally out of my control and the "moderate" thing doesn't show up like its supposed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARHGGHGH so frustrating! There is NO HELP on the internet to deal with this! NOWHERE!!! I've even tried asking a question on Facebook help forum and it says I'm posting "spam"!!! OMG


If its Not Working It May be a Error With Facebook Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Unfortunately this is A Problem that you Can Not Fix Only The Facebook Team Can



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