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Facebook - profile unavailable?
I was visiting profile of a person who was "my friend", I mean, he was on my list. I used to visit his profile several times duriing the day (don't ask whySmile)) but today there was a message "Profile unavailable... blablabla... Try again later". What does it mean? Does it mean that I was blocked or is it just an error of facebook?? I did not write anything to that person, just looking @ the pictures etc.

Does anybody know what does it mean?
It happens only to this specific profile - everything else works and I am able to see other profiles.


This has happen to me before. I asked my friend about it, and she said she knew nothing about it. So my best guess is that it is a error of facebook. It should be back available in a couple of minutes or so.


Happens when their busy doing maintenance.
its a temporary error, the profile will be back soon


It means that something is wrong with the facebook server. I was unable to access my account 12 hours ago, and I am STILL unable to access my account, and I want to send a message to "my friend Wink" too... =(

It doesn't mean you are blocked, It's just an error of facebook....
It's only certain profiles too because certain profiles are located on different servers. and I guess mine and "your friend's =)" just happened to be on that server.
I hope they will fix it soon because seriously... 12 hours is a long time for something they would say "check back in a few hours"

Edit: Hour 15... still can't log in...

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