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IE7 incompatible with new facebook?
I cannot log onto facebook, it seems that IE6 and IE7 is incompatible, I am using IE7...now I cannot log on to the old facebook because the new facebook error page comes up, I cleared my browser cashe, ran an anti-spy and did a virus scan...does anyone know how to work around this?
I have IE7, I am not uninstalling it for one stupid application, facebook has a glitch, not my web browser...it seems as though beta programs have many errors, the page asks me if I want to return to the old facebook, when you press that link, an internal error message pops up, it's not my browser, it's facebook


try to go on facebook with another brower


You need to use another browser,like Firefox 3. It works the Best with Facebook.
Another thing you could do is restart your computer,and see if that helps.
I just checked,and sure enough IE7 is Incompatible with the new facebook,so you for sure need one of the following browsers for it to work,according to facebook
1. Login to facebook using FireFox(Sorry you need to install firefox first if you don't have it).

2. Switch to the old facebook once on firefox, there is a link at the top of the page.

3. Now go back to IE7 and you should have the old face book come up.

4. Uninstall FireFox if you don't need it.



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