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How do you eliminate the printing border on Microsoft Publisher, or atleast make it smaller?
I'm working on a school project in Microsoft Publisher, and since I'm new to this program, I'm having some troubles. Every document I open (whether it be a new, blank document, or a preset template) has this thin blue border about a half-inch or so from the edge. I am aware that this line itself will not appear on the final product, but when I go into print preview, anything placed outside of that border doesn't show. It's quite bothersome since a half inch border is quite thick and I'm a perfectionist and I'd really like to have things touch the edge of the paper for aesthetic reasons. I realize that some programs don't allow there to be no border at all, but is there at least a way I could make it smaller?


If you right-click on the border, and go to it's properties (Format Table), you can then change its width there.



You can change the width and height of the margin guides by clicking on the 'Arrange' menu and choose 'Layout Guides' These blue lines around the page are Layout guides for printing purposes. Most home printers will not print to the edge of the page so you will need to check your printer limitations if you are going to print the final publication.

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