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Is there a mac compatible program for publisher?
I love my mac but at my school they use Windows based computers. I would like to completely switch to Mac but we use Office Publisher for some of our work. So, is there any software for Mac which can produce files which can be read and edited within Publisher and vice versa.




Unfortunately, there is no software (for Windows or Mac) other than Microsoft Publisher that can read or write Publisher files.


Sorry, but after several minutes of Goggling there is no known product other the Microsoft office publisher (that is Windows only) that can open the Microsoft office publisher files accurately.

Granted it is possible to export files made by publisher to PDF or HTML files.
InDesign and Quark Xpress are Industrial-strength solutions and priced accordingly. PageMaker is what Publisher is a knockoff of but while it is still being sold it is no longer maintained so it is unlikely to read publisher documents. I just checked out Scribus because I love it but I am a Linux user and compatibility with Microsoft is not something I look for. Aside from that you have to install X-Windows so you can treat it like any other UNIX program (Apple has considerably more compatibility with Open Source OSes than is generally understood -- but most of the code we are talking about you have to configure and compile yourself).


So I would say your choice is one of the ones I mentioned up top.



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