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How can I use microsoft office 2007 to plan a birthday party?
I have the full microsoft office 2007 version which includes microsoft access, microsoft excel, microsoft groove, microsoft info-path, microsoft one-note, microsoft outlook, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft publisher, microsoft word. I want to use one of these to my advantage to plan my sweet 16.
(guest list, invitations, supply checklist, budget data, general things that you would use to plan a party) the only problem is that I am dumbfounded and have NO clue where to start or which one to use or how to use it what so ever! can you please tell me which one i should use and how I should go about doing it?


Excel and Word would take care of most things. If you wanted to design your own invitations, Publisher could be used but it is a lot to learn.
Use Excel to list guests and addresses on one work sheet; and supplies and budget on a second.
Use Word(or publisher) to write up your basic invitation with a few graphics and then (in word) do a mail merge to address the envelops from the excel file.
On the budget side, list your supplies and anticipated costs, total the costs and then go to the shops to get actual prices to see if you can keep to your budget.
If you are inviting any computer smart friends, they will help you with the technical stuff like mail merge and formula. With excel just list like information down the same column.
Start with a plan of what would make it the best party you can imagine and then list the details. Go back to the dream and check that you have the details to make it happen.



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