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Please help to block unwelcome sites.?
At home we have two computer (1 desktop and 1 laptop) that’s connected to the router both using cables. I want to block adult web sites on the laptop. I have a Asus DSL-N10 model router and was wondering how can I block websites. Can any one help me with this, or suggest alternative methods to blocking sites WITHOUT installing software on the second computer (Laptop). I don't mind to install any software on the desktop as this is my computer. I tried to block web sites using URF filter in the router settings but it can only take 128 URL'S and this will not be enough to block ALL adult sites. I am really desperate for any advice.
Thank you


Set your router to use OpenDNS as DNS servers, instead of the ones provided by your ISP.
Then download the OpenDNS client on your desktop so your external IP is updated.
Log in on http://www.opendns.com and select which sites should be blocked (I suggest you block porn, phishing websites and all other junk).

When you save the settings, your home will be porn-free.

Just remember 1 thing... just like you can mess with the DNS settings to block porn, the user of the laptop also has the possibility to connect through free VPN services through which the user can gain access again. It all depends on how witty the user is ;-)


Most computers have "Parental Controls" from the start menu.
My partner and i endorse employing http://www.vpnpower.net to be able to unblock web-sites. I've been using them since 4 years.



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