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Microsoft Excel Question?
In Microsoft excel: I have three documents with clients details each with details of clients from different countries.

The forms are exactly the same (the sequence of details in columns is the same) apart from some formating issues (fonts etc). Now, I want to merge the three files in one so instead of three lists I have one large list with all the clients from all countries. What would be the simplest way to do that?

Thank you in advance!


1. Open the first file

2. Type Ctrl+A

3. Type Ctrl+C

4. Open a new Excel file.

5. Type Ctrl+V

6. Repeat for the second and third file.


Open all three of the files and choose which file you want everything to be stored in. Then go in to the other files and highlight everything you want to copy. Then press control(Ctrl)+c and that will copy what you highlighted. Go to the first document and where you want the second list to start right click with your mouse and and click paste. Repeat the steps with the third sheet
To copy and paste is the easiest.




One, open all of the Excel documents, then right click on the worksheet tab in document # 2, and select move or copy sheet. Then at the top select from the drop down list document # 1, and click the little box that says create a copy, then select move to end. Do the same thing with document # 3. This will place all three worksheets in one workbook (document # 1).

Two, your next step would be to create a new tab in your workbook, right click on it and name it Master Client Contact List. At this point you will have 4 sheets in your current workbook. Copy, and paste special the "values and number formats" only from sheets # 1, # 2, and # 3 to your master sheet leaving no extra rows or columns between them.

Then create your header row with titles such as Contact/City/State/Zip Code/Country/Phone/Fax/Email. Once you have done this select the header row and all your data, right click and custom sort by country, state, city - specifically in that order. You can then add your preferred formatting, and set your print area accordingly.

This will create one workbook that includes a Master contact list as well as your existing individual ones in their current format.

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