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Is Quizilla a Safe Website?
As of late, Quizilla doesnt seem to like my computer. Meaning, Quizilla is so far the only website my computer wont respond to. It was working fine yesterday. Now my screen just says "The website cannot display the page" And it says the same thing is I try using other links to get to Quizilla. I really like Quizilla, i'd hate it if I woulsnt be able to use it :|


If you are seeing this:
Internal Server Error - Read

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Reference #3.348abccc.1330472365.3fc3fe75
Its not your computer error its their server error that needs to be fix give it time someone might be repairing, upgrading, whatever they got to do why its having that kind of error.


Things like this happen a lot with Quizilla--I had the same "Cannot Display the Page" problem all day today, and from the looks of it lots of other people have been having this issue too. I think that there are better websites out there, like Wattpad, but I still use Quizilla because I like the setup. If I were you, I would use another website as well as Quizilla so that if Quizilla goes down permanently you still have something else to fall back on.
The best thing to do for Quizilla right now is to just be patient and wait for it to come back. Hope this was helpful!
I looked it up at ScanURL.net - no phishing or malware has been reported there, according to http://ScanURL.net/?u=Quizilla.com#results (they check PhishTank, Google, and Web of Trust).

Even better, their Web of Trust public voting/ratings reflect a very reputable and trustworthy website, with top ratings/votes. I think you're good.

Sounds like the error you're getting is a server error at their end, not your computer.



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