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Honestly, any alternative way to use Facebook?
To be honest, I'm not good in using Facebook at all. I'm a college student, so it is obvious that I add a lot of college friends and friends of friends and a lot of acquaintances whom i do not talk to. I have roughly 350 friends on my facebook, i have deleted a lot, and re-add them because when my FB is about 100 friends i tend to find my newsfeed boring, but problems are the people will never stop posting their selfies, updates and lame pictures and statuses which are wasting my time.

I have deleted my old posts and pictures because i really do not think they are nice anymore..

What should i really share, post and share on facebook?
Who shall i really have on facebook?

any better social media for making friends other than facebook? Like, any forums? Something we share common interests (other than Yahoo Answers).



why not just follow the ones whose life or info is really interesting for you?
I've passed thru times when I spent hours and hours facebooking, till I've understood i'm hooked up like on drugs. It's kind of psychologic dependence healed by self-control and media ascetism


I never turn on my chat on FB, its been like more than an year.
I stay on FB just so that I can enjoy the great posts from good pages & communities. Its a good time pass & not addictive... just a bit of fun.
Before I quit Facebook, I would share quotes that applied to me, pictures from pages I liked, or even information on nutrition I found would be useful to others or give them something to read if they stopped skimming for a moment to catch their attention. Even movie previews or upcoming events. But in general? Generally posting what you like works. As far as sites with common interests, they have a lot of online forum groups just by researching it on Google. I've stumbled across many. You could always even create a blog on a blog website if you wanted.



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